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As Attorney General, I will wage an aggressive campaign to protect and extend our most cherished fundamental freedoms. By standing up for the rights of the people and restraining the excesses of government, we can make sure that Minnesota is a place of opportunity and prosperity for generations to come.

Doug Wardlow

First and foremost, Minnesota’s Attorney General should be the top legal advocate for the people and their rights. As Minnesota Attorney General, I will truly fight for you, the people of our great state. And that includes standing up for the people against bullying by the government.

By fighting government bullies, defending our fundamental freedoms, and keeping Minnesota families safe, we will unleash the prosperity-creating, job-growing power of free enterprise and empower Minnesotans to build lives of meaning and achieve their dreams.


Fighting Government Bullying and Promoting Job Growth

By protecting Minnesotans from bullying at the hands of the government and reigning in the regulatory state, Doug will help unleash the prosperity-creating, job-growing power of free enterprise and enable Minnesotans to pursue their dreams and build lives of meaning.

√ Stand up for Minnesotans and Minnesota businesses when they are bullied by bureaucrats in St. Paul or Washington D.C.

√ Curb unfair rules and regulations that burden job creators

√ Fight government corruption & cronyism

√ Police and restrain unauthorized government expenditures

√ Aggressively combat welfare fraud

Defending Minnesotans’ Fundamental Freedoms

Doug has a track record of successfully defending our most cherished constitutional rights in our state and federal courts. You can count on Doug to continue the fight to protect and extend Minnesotans’ fundamental freedoms as Attorney General.

√ Defend the Constitution according to its original meaning and advance the principles for which it stands

√ Safeguard religious freedom

√ Defend Minnesotans’ right to keep and bear arms

√ Ensure legal defense laws passed protect the lives of unborn children

Protecting The Public

Doug will work with Minnesota’s 87 county attorneys and law enforcement across the state to ensure aggressive prosecution of crimes that rob victims of their funda- mental rights and freedoms.

√ Support and coordinate with law enforcement to protect Minnesotans from all threats to public safety, including acts of terror

√ Rebuild the criminal-law operations of the Attorney General’s office and partner with Minnesota’s county attorneys to promote law and order

√ Combat human trafficking

Minnesota’s Legislative Endorsements

Rep. Cindy Pugh (Chanhassen – District 33B)
Rep. Kathy Lohmer (Stillwater – District 39B)
Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen (Glencoe – District 18B)
Rep. Steve Drazkowski (Mazeppa – District 21B)
Rep. Cal Bahr (East Bethel – District 31B)
Rep. Peggy Bennett (Albert Lea – District 27A)
Rep. Josh Heintzeman (Nisswa – District 10A)
Rep. Jerry Hertaus (Greenfield – District 33A)
Rep. Eric Lucero (Dayton – District 30B)
Rep. Joe McDonald (Delano – District 29A)
Rep. Roz Petersen (Lakeville – District 56B)
Rep. Duane Quam (Byron – District 25A)
Rep. Linda Runbeck (Circle Pines – District 38A)
Rep. Abigail Whelan (Ramsey – District 35A)
Rep. Nick Zerwas (Elk River – District 30A)

Sen. Bruce Anderson (Buffalo – District 29)
Sen. Michelle Benson (Ham Lake – District 31)
Sen. Roger Chamberlain (Lino Lakes – District 38)
Sen. Justin Eichorn (Grand Rapids – District 5)
Sen. Dan Hall (Burnsville – District 56)
Sen. Mark Koran (North Branch – District 32)
Sen. Andrew Mathews (Milaca – District 15)
Sen. Paul Utke (Park Rapids – District 2)